Saturday, September 24, 2005

The best laid plans

You would think, after this year, that I would know better than to PLAN anything...or at least expect there's gonna be some pain when I do plan.

Sam hated Clifford and we left at intermission in order to avoid a major temper tantrum. He wanted a light spinner...I wasn't going to spend $20 on one when I know you can get them for $15/dozen. He wanted a pretzel, then popcorn, then a hot dog. OY! My head was pounding by the time we left.

Today, I spent at the craft fair. We sold a whole $62 worth of stuff. And I had to sit on this wooden chair that is, I truly believe, a Chinese prison torture device.

While mom was on a bathroom break, I happened to overhear a woman shopping at the personalized Christmas ornament table directly behind us. The ornaments are made of clay and they have "snowmen families." You can get them with 1-6 snowmen on it, and the lady would personalize each one with the names of your family members. This lady was commenting how she needed on with four snowmen on it because, "Four is the perfect number for [her] family." The man running the table said that's what his daughter thought too. She had had a boy and is pregnant with a girl, and that will be it. The woman agreed, "Me too...I got a boy and then I'll be having this girl, and that will be the perfect family." Thankfully, I did not have to witness her perfect pregnant belly that will bring her her perfect family, or I may have totally lost it.

The best laid plans hurt in more ways than one.


Jill said...

There's always someone or something waiting to slap you, isn't there?

Sorry the movie didn't work out:(


vixanne wigg said...

Hi Catherine,
I responded to you about the big C debate! I'm not mad at you for your opinion. It's an interesting discussion.

lauralu said...

sorry clifford was a bust. what a scam, too, with all those things they KNOW kids will be begging for.

i vacillate between thinking it's sweet that people are so innocent about making their perfect families and wanting to scare them with my story so they're not so innocent any more.

Lisa P. said...

I used to think that I'd be one of those people who has two kids (a girl and a boy, because that's IDEAL, right??) and decides "yeah, that's enough." Now I would be happy for just one of any gender (and given my age that's all I may get... if I'm lucky enough.) *sigh*


Kathy McC said...

Uggghhh..that just makes my stomach turn. And I wonder if I ever had conversations like that before my innocence was taken from me. I hope to God that I didn't.