Friday, August 19, 2005

Randomness or common sense

So I'm all ready to buy into the theory that God doesn't CAUSE bad things to happen to us, but he can't protect us from them either. The idea is that he created order in the randomness, but there are still pockets of randomness out there that we have to deal with. Of course, we don't notice the randomness when things are good, we see it as good luck or good fortune or good choices. When things go wrong, however, we definitely notice it...and that's when we have to start questioning our belief in God, etc.

But today, today I had a day that makes me wonder about all of that. Today, when I had PROMISED my Sam that I would be at his doctor's appointment, I ran into three, count 'em THREE, road construction project delays. Everywhere I turned, there I was, sitting in traffic, getting later and later.

I did eventually arrive at my destination...five minutes late. And I was even more thrilled than Sam. I've never broken a promise to him and, for some reason, I didn't want this to be the first time. It felt...IMPORTANT...for some unknown reason. Maybe because it seemed like the universe was conspiring against us? I don't know.

But I have to wonder about that theory of randomness. What are the odds that randomness would throw three separate obstacles in my path?

Or maybe it's just the summer construction season and I should know better than to expect smooth sailing.


Jill said...

You know the saying "expect the unexpected"? Well I reckon it covers randomness AND a God who conspires against you AND a God who conspires in your favour.

Over time even the seemingly random can develop a pattern. I don't think anyone will ever live long enough to see that pattern emerge though. Maybe. Man, you have BIG thoughts LOL:)

In any case, you got there in the end:)

Lorem ipsum said...

As you know, I'm reading 'When Bad Things Happen to Good People' and the author postulates that same thing, that God brings order out of chaos and sometimes that order is not what we want (such as if something is going to go wrong - a chromosomal mixup, for example) God won't stop what happens afterward. I'm having a hard time getting my head around a lot of that book, even though the book is small and my head is large and you'd think it would wrap easily.

ps Love the new pic! You're all so adorable!

Lisa P. said...

I'm having a hard time with this issue right now, so your post is helping me to think through it. Maybe we'll figure it out together.

(Although, I don't know about where you live, but our construction has been CRAZY this whole summer. So there's that, too.)

gabesmama said...

I too subscribe to the random theory. It sustains me. It had better not be part of God's plan that Gabe died, right? But then, how do I explain Jeff. He is too perfect for words. How could meeting him have been random, it seems to define divine. This is why I love discussions about God we will never know until we meet him/her ourselves.

Julie said...

ahhh...the Chaos Theory. Takes me back to this horrible, awful class I took on the Psychology of Religion. Yick! Too much brain power used on that. I'm voting for general randomness responsible for everything, because I just don't know any better.