I'm feeling a bit twitchy this morning, as I've been a whole 48 hours without internet access. It seems the lightening storm we had Saturday knocked our local server offline...and nobody works out here on the weekends. We called Adelphia to inquire about when service would be restored and they're sending a technician Saturday. In all fairness, he could have come out Wednesday, but I postponed it in order to (1) get "The Bug Guy" out to take care of the nests of yellow jackets in our yard (discovered via foot and lawn tractor was NOT pretty); and (2) get myself organized for the big garage sale this coming weekend. Yes, we're having a garage sale. My need to purge has taken over full force and everything must go! It's sitting in my basement and it makes me cranky to look at. So I'm selling whatever I can sell. And there are certain things I just don't need that make me more cranky than others...a double stroller, for example.

So anyway...I've been offline. Let's do the weekend recap thing and see what's been happening in our oh-so-exciting life.

Saturday we spent the day with the Dalmatian rescue group at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History's Dog Days Festival. I'm not sure you can call it a festival, as there were no rides, no carnival games, and no fried foods or cotton candy. Something doesn't qualify as a festival in my book unless you can get greasy french fries with vinegar and salt. But I digress. It was good. We got a couple dollars change in donations and we took in one application to adopt a dog. That qualifies as a success in our business, as we currently have about 35 dogs in foster care and no adoption applications coming in.

So anyway...we left the "festival" about an hour early because there was a bad storm rolling in. It hit just as we turned onto our road...great. We knew we had to feed the horses, so I just pulled the minivan into the barn and we hopped out to take care of them. Just then, there was a loud crash and I saw sparks flying around outside the barn door...the fuse box door flew open...and the lights down the center aisle of the barn went out. I smelled smoke and ran to the other end of the barn. The loud crash was apparently lightening striking one of the trees right next to the barn. There were bits of wood all over the lawn and the tree was missing the left half of its trunk. But luckily there was no fire. I was having visions of us tying the girls to the minivan and driving it out in the storm to get away from a about panic.

So now we're going to have to deal with the tree guys again. And they did such a fabulous job last time they were out, I'm really looking forward to seeing them again. [/sarcasm] We have to have "The Bug Guy" out for the bees. The internet folks have to come out for the computer. And the Direct TV guy has to come out for the television (it appears one of our tv's got fried as well...thank goodness the DirectTV equipment is still under warranty). All while we're packing and shuttling for a garage sale. Oh...and we're supposed to meet the new petsitters on Wednesday evening too. I'm just having too much fun this week.

Sunday we cleaned and packed stuff up for the above-mentioned garage sale. The garage sale is going to be at my mom and dad's house since they live on a nice little cul-de-sac and get really good garage sale traffic. Steve and I live on a State Route (and all the houses are out of numerical order...the pizza guy gets lost every time) I'm not sure we'd get many visitors at our house. So all the garage sale planning and packing involves a drive forty minutes away. We've successfully made trip #1. Trip #2 is planned for Wednesday. It'll be just Sam and I...please wish me luck. lol

So that's about it. The lightening strike made me contemplate that randomness theory again. I mean, can't I catch a break already?
Ask and ye shall receive...

The Pet Sitter wants to charge $30 just to come meet us. No thanks. One appointment cancelled. :o)


Julie said…
Maybe Steve had a "meh" week, but your weekend sounds like it made up for it! What a bummer about the lightening damage. What are the odds, indeed? Funny, I always allude to lightening striking when I refer to my recent (prior) ability to conceive. Add to that "shocker" the whole stillbirth thing, and randomness just seems a little too simple.
Ahhh... but anyway. I wanted to say... today I realized how the image of you shrugging and saying "meh" reminded me of a cat we once had, who refused to meow properly. She just sauntered around, looked at us, and said "meh" before finding a suitable throne to lay on for the day. As if.
Thanks for the hearty welcome home, I missed you, too!
Bronwyn said…
"The Pet Sitter wants to charge $30 just to come meet us." I'm obviously in the wrong business! Sounds like you have a lot of "men" in your life, right now, which could have its own merits ;-) The yard sale sounds great -- it can be very liberating to get rid of some of life's detritus. Good luck!

Lorem ipsum said…
Yeah, I'm in the wrong field too! Who's interviewing who? Is there no such thing as a consultation for free now?


Anyway - giving great thought to the randomness theory, because there is little rhyme or reason as to who gets what. It may be the only thing to save what little bit of my sanity that I have left. It confuses me (more), though, that if God is the Supreme Being and Randomness is bigger than God, that means God isn't Supreme anymore.

I just wish I knew what to say when I pray. So I don't pray now, rather than do it wrong.

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