Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Yes, I was itchy yesterday. Literally and figuratively.

It seems I got a good bit of poison ivy on my arms from my horses. I always forget I need to wear long sleeves when putting their halters on during the summer. They eat from the midst of the trees and get the poison ivy oils on their heads and eart. I got a rash in the exact same place last year. I MUST remember next time.

I was also feeling that itchy feeling you get when you can't sit still and concentrate on anything. Your mind wanders and you just have an itch to get up and go...anywhere. I found myself walking around the courthouse complex at work yesterday (always striding with a sense of purpose so it would appear I was on official business rather than just meandering aimlessly).

Today the itch is gone and I just want to sit in my chair, drink a cup of coffee, and maybe crochet a little. I'll probably have to wait to crochet until lunchtime. It probably wouldn't look too good if my boss walked in and I was stitching instead of working. hehehe

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Heather said...

Yeah, I wondered about the "itchy" mood. Glad it is gone today. I would probably wait to crochet as well. ;)