Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I was THIS close!

I was THERE...

at the END...


I did it all the way I was supposed to. I suffered all the aches and pains and indignities of pregnancy with a smile on my face. I relished every kick. I adored the feeling of that wonderous weight in my belly. A beautiful boy grew inside of me.

We almost had it all. We almost had the dream. It was there, within our grasp...and it slipped away.

I feel so very alone.

I miss my life.

I miss my beautiful baby boy.


holley said...

Big hugs.

Julie said...

None of it will ever make any sense to me. Feels like a big "F-YOU" from the universe, and for what purpose? Almost doesn't count. Why. Why. Why.

Jill said...


Bronwyn said...

It should not have happened... life should not be this cruel. (((Big hug)))