They named him Xavier

My coworker and her husband's baby, that is. His name is Xavier Daniel, and he's beautiful and amazing.

And now I'm back in that same place I was on Day One.

Happy Birthday Mom!
We love you!


Jill said…
He'll never be as lovely and perfect as Alex. Cos Alex is yours and made all the more perfect by the way you love him so very much.

I guess the thing with going back to day one is that as time passes, you tend to bounce forward quicker as every setback occurs.

Seems like you've had a really hard few days emotionally. Sorry ((HUGS))
Julie said…
Cathy, just sending you (((hugs))) I saw your post on SB&SL, and I am amazed at the fact that you managed to oooh and aaaah over the new baby. That took AMAZING strength (I still don't do it) even if you DID end up an emotional wreck afterward. And I agree with Jill. He could never be as amazing and beautiful as Alex.
Holley said…
Big hugs.
Mom said…
Thanks Cath, your mom loves you too. :o)

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