Saturday, July 16, 2005

Expensive potty training

We tried bribery to get Sam potty-trained and it worked...a little too well.

We told him he could buy a Thomas the Tank Engine toy if he peed on the potty. He did...and we bought him a toy.

Now he thinks EVERY time he pees on the potty he's going to get a new toy.

He was NOT happy when we introduce the pooping on the potty concept.



Anam Cara said...

We used bribery as well when we potty trained Caitlin, but not such an expensive form! We just used little pieces of chocolate (button size pieces). And once she was trained it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be to wean her off of them. If he likes sweets maybe that would work for you too.

MB said...

Gracie gets 2 jelly beans for pee and a small piece of chocolate for #2. We only did them different because she had a really hard time with the poo. I bet you could transition him to something easier! Maybe M n M's?

Catherine said...

Well, we tried candy and it didn't induce any sort of interest. We had to "up the stakes" so to speak to get him started. I'm hoping that now that he's started we can switch over to something a little less expensive. I don't know though...he's pretty smart. lol

lauralu said...

he's VERY smart! quite the little capitalist! my friend tried a different kind of incentive for standing up to go #1 - she would sprinkle fruit loops in the toilet and make a game of him hitting the rings.