Friday, July 22, 2005

Now look what I did!

I almost feel guilty that I never learned to do this for my own boys. These were so easy to do and they turned out so nice.

Now I'm going to try my sewing hand at a boys burial romper. I didn't know such a thing existed, but apparently it's all the rage with stillborn boys. Sorry...inappropriate humor there. I'll post a picture when it's done and get your thoughts/impressions.


Julie said...

Very nice! Cute outfit, and the yarn looks preeeety. Is it a little sparkly?

lauralu said...

wow! those are fantastic! but when in the world do you have time to make stuff?

also, thank you, thank you, thank you for making a little tiny stillbirth joke. i keep feeling like i'm the only one who ever does it. it helps me COPE, you know?

Catherine said...'s that baby yarn that soooo soft and has a little shiny thread woven into the yarn. It's really lovely...but a pain to work with. lol

I do this stuff at night mostly. My husband likes baseball and my son likes PBS Kids...neither of which thrill me. So I sit and "watch" with one or the other of them while I crochet. Of course, I COULD spend my time cleaning or something...but this is more fun. :o)

I'm learning that humor helps me a lot. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks it's appropriate. hehehe