Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Keeping myself busy

Today I spent the day splitting my time between playing with Sam and working on sewing projects. I finished Sam's red blankie, as requested by the little man himself. I worked on a medieval faire costume for a friend. And I learned how to crochet baby hats for charity. Yes, I have decided to use my scrap yarn and my need to keep busy to make baby hats, booties, and outfits for hospitals and other charities. Particularly important to me are the items that will be given to stillborn babies and their families. It bothers me that Alex only had a hospital blanket to wrap up in when we were in the hospital. He did have a hand-made hat that we kept that as a treasured keepsake. And we were given a baby blankie that was given to Sam as a gift from his baby brother. It was wonderful to know someone cared enough to make those thing for us. Now it's my turn to give back...and it keeps me busy so I don't think so much. I'll post pics if my first attempts don't turn out too scary.


Jill said...

What you are doing sounds like a wonderful thing:)

What does a medieval faerie costume look like? Could you post a pic when you are done?

lauralu said...

apparently, i am the only woman in the known universe not currently knitting.

i think you are doing the most noble thing ever, and i suspect you'll get something back. such an endeavor can only bring healing to you.