Sunday, July 24, 2005

The joy of raising a boy

Yesterday Steve and I loaded Sam up into the van for our weekly venture into town for various farm supplies and some retail therapy at WalMart for me. As I was driving along, Steve and I were having a quite lovely conversation about nothing of consequence. From the booster seat behind me I hear my beautiful, loving son's voice say, "Mommy, just be quiet and drive the van."


I think you could actually see my blood pressure go up. My husband's head whipped around and he gave the look of death to Sam as he said, "WHAT did you say?" Sam, being innocent and obviously slightly dense, repeated the phrase in question.


And then, of course, the day wouldn't be complete without my son running into the barn to tell his father, "Mommy needs help with that damn dog!" hehehe

We have completely ruined him.


Julie said...

LMAO. Love it.
One time, years ago, my less-than-gourmet offerings were being politely pushed around on their plates. I was putting away the leftovers when my darling son scolded dad that slipping the dog his table scraps would make her "really, very sick."
My cooking is not that bad, guys.

Hoyt said...

HILARIOUS--thanks for sharing!

Backpetal said...

ROTFL! And to think you were worried Sam would never talk.

Jill said...

Go Sam!! What a crack up:) I love the way he totally didn't pick up on the 'son, you are in deep trouble' vibe!