Sunday, July 24, 2005

Senior Moments?

Today while driving in the van, Steve says to me, "Just think, next year I will have been driving for 20 years." There was a pause and then he said, "I'm 36? No, wait, I'm only 34? I don't even know how old I am!"


So we get to WalMart and I go to the craft department to buy some material to match some that I'm using for a project. Simple cotton broadcloth, nothing special. I go to the rack, sample clipping in hand, find the match, take it to get cut, pay for it, and happily leave the store. I get home and guess doesn't match. How did that happen? Are the eyes the first thing to go?


In an effort to get my son to take a late nap this afternoon, I snuggled up in the bed with him. I fell asleep and he's still tickin'.

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Jill said...

Never mind Dear. We all start to slow down after a while;)

DID YOU HEAR ME LOVEY? I SAID WE ALL SLOW DOWN SOONER OR LATER, YOU MUSTN'T WORRY YOURSELF. It's not good for you at your time in life... hehehehe:)

There are too many times to mention when I have fallen asleep while my little monkeys have continued along their merry ways...always waiting to make sure I was properly asleep first though!