Sunday, July 17, 2005


I crocheted Alex a blanket like I crocheted one for Sam before he was born. Sam's was pastel colors. Alex's was bright rainbow colors. I never got to finish Alex's...I thought I had more time. But what I did have finished I buried with him.

Today we pulled the overcooked spring flowers up at Alex's grave and planted some "heat tolerant" flowers in their place. We had started with white petunias, then some purple flowers I can't remember the name of, and now we have yellow/gold/orange flowers I can't remember the name of (they have thick green leaves and look like a bush with yellow/gold/orange daisies all over them).

***[Butter Daisy, Melampodium, Gold Medallion Flower, Star Daisy (Melampodium paludosum)]

I think it's right that Alex gets all the colors of the rainbow in and on his grave, since he doesn't get to experience them any other way. Damn, I wish I had had the time to finish that blanket.


Jill said...

I'm having an 'I wish I could go back and do stuff' day too:( ((HUGS))

The flowers sound wonderful. It seems like such a tangible way of showing him love and maikng him part of the family.

Tori25 said...

I made my son a blanket too while I was in the hospital. I felt the need to finish it and didn't know why. I guess now I know. It was my first real blanket. I learned while I was there and had 2 horrid attempts at a blanket, and though his blankey was crooked, it came from his mommy. I also buried mine with Aidan. I think it means more that it isn't yet done, because one day, you will go and finish it for him.