Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Tomorrow is the big day

We're having our big ultrasound tomorrow. Steve and I are the kind of people who cannot live with the suspense of not knowing the baby's gender...particularly when a high-tech toy is involved and there is no real reason NOT to know. We feel that it's kind of like having access to a computer, but choosing to use snail mail. Sure, there is some comfort in knowing that you are "different," but why wait for the same letter to be delivered in a week when you can get it instantaneously? I suppose we are a case study in the "me generation." That's ok with us. :o)

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Backpetal said...

Oh, how exciting! Tomorrow's the big day! I can't wait to hear the news. For me, knowing my babies' genders made the pregnancies more real for me. Um, not that the puking wasn't doing a good job of that, of course. Anyway, I'll be watching for your next post!