Wednesday, January 26, 2005

80-90% sure...

The u/s tech is relatively sure it's a...BOY!!!

She got a peek, but when she went to show us, the little stinker crossed his legs so we couldn't be absolutely certain. We asked for odds...and she said she's 80-90% sure. So we're going with boy.

We'll most likely be headed back in a month for another u/s. His heart was under my belly button, so she couldn't get a real good look at all four chambers. The size and heartrate look normal, but she would like to be sure. Also, the placenta is a little too low near my cervix at this point, so she'd like to keep an eye on it to make sure it resolves itself and moves up higher (which she said is likely to happen).

So the good news is we'll probably know 100% next month. But for now 80-90% is pretty good, I think.

Two boys...My wish is that they are good brothers and friends throughout their lives.

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Backpetal said...

Congratulations! I bet Sam will love having a brother once he gets used to it. I'm sure they will be very close.

I hope the placenta moves up where's it's supposed to and that your next ultrasound shows that everything is just perfect.

So . . . do you have a name picked out yet?