Monday, April 19, 2010

Later tater

I think I just need to be quiet for a while.



marcia said...

Peace to you, too, Catherine. I'm just an e-mail away....Rach knows it if you don't have it anymore.
Love you!

kate said...

Peace to you as are always in my thoughts.

Pipsylou said...

wishing you peace.

Holley said...

peace to you. Just remember that many people love you and what you say, no matter what.


msfitzita said...

Peace to you too. And I want to echo Holley's words - we love you no matter what you need to say. In fact, sometimes because of it.


Bon said...

just sending you love. peace can be awhile in arriving. love, at least, should hopefully ask nothing from you.

ms. G said...


I have been seriously behind on blog reading, and I am terribly sorry to see this news when I finally had a chance to get to it.

I know there are no words, I can only say, I wish it were not true.

Take care of you.