Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dear Universe...very funny!

If the baby had survived, I'd have been able to feed it.

Good to know.


three minute palaver said...

God Catherine I am sorry you've having to deal with that too. I remember how utterly awful it is to have no baby and milk to burn. The depths of this is just too horrible. I am so sorry. Could you ask your Dr for meds to suppress the milk supply? Thinking of you. xC

lis said...

ugh, im so sorry. and im sorry for my uniformed comment the other day telling you if you wanted to talk i was there which i guess isn't the worst thing ever to say, but i wasn't aware of all of your losses then.
how entirely shitty this had that you have been dealt. i wish i could change things for you. ive been reading and hoping for peace for you, whatever that's worth. the stones were beautiful and i hope you found something of substance to put in the box. i have one too. i wish we didn't know those boxes existed. im so sorry about your boobs. i leaked for two weeks. it was terrible. i just want to hug you and i feel like im rambling. im thinking of you and your family. xoxo

Pipsylou said...


Beruriah said...

Forgot that indignity of it all. I hope it stops soon.