Friday, September 11, 2009

Miscellaneous thoughts

I hate being sick.
The end.
See ya next week.
----------------------------- that's not all.

I heard something today to motivated me to write. Garth Brooks was interviewed about where he was eight years ago today. He was in New York. But you know what he said? He said, "The firefighters and police acted so bravely...but...that's their story to tell."

Everyone has a story to tell of that day. No matter how remote they were from the awful events.


All I can remember is that we (Steve, Princess Holley, and me) were in that very spot a week and a half earlier. That's my story. I think it was about ten days that separated us from the tragedy unfolding on the TV screen.

I have tried not to think about it...the what ifs. As awful as it sounds...I'm thankful for those ten days. That is my story.

No...THIS is my story.

And so today I choose to participate in the National Day of Service by doing administrative stuff for my Animal Protective League. I'm not changing the world by any means...just helping improve my little corner. And they're not human lives...but I'm still trying to save lives.

I hope some day, a long time from now, all the days following those ten days in September will count for something.

And I'm borrowing from Eve's tweet here...

"for today [I] will not dwell on the lives lost before they began, and the futures already underway left unfulfilled."
Oh! And I MUST tell you about the second grade teacher! Or have I told you already? I'll have to check my archives and see...

So I only told you a bit about her. She sends home WEEKLY reports! She keeps us informed! And when I met her during Open House? She already had Sam's number! Sat him next to the quietest (and sweetest...I secretly hope they marry some day) girl in the entire class and gave him lots of incentive to complete his work. Unfortunately, he got sick and missed two days...losing his "groove." But still! The teacher! I LOVE her! I suppose it didn't hurt her image at all when she told me she knows my son is smart...that she knows that's not the problem. Seriously...LOVE her!
I still hate being sick.

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Mommies Esq1 said...

Yayyyyyy! for great second grade teachers. It is about time after soem of the stuff you've had to deal with.