Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dogs on Thursday - Rest Home?

Sunday we brought another old soul into our home and it's caused a bit of confusion for all of us. Samuel is an elderly black lab who looks somewhat like Daisy, our other old black lab. The confusion comes when I use my mom voice and yell, "Samuel!" and everyone yells back, "The boy or the dog?"

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Then there's Myles running around saying, "Daisy! Daisy! Daisy!" And he really does look like Daisy. Except where Daisy looks like she stuck her face in a bag of powdered sugar, Samuel (the dog) looks like he's walked through one.

And his feet! Oh.My.Gosh.His.FEET! They are freakin' HUGE! I think he must be a cross between a black lab and some bigger breed with giant meat-paws.

But he's sooooo sweet. He seems a bit sad and doesn't seem to get excited about much. But he loves to play with the rope toy...and he is definitely a retriever (retrieving anything you throw for him). He knows "sit" and "shake" and is apparently completely housetrained (awesome!).

Samuel (the dog) was at the APL shelter and it was discovered he had a large growth on his neck. The volunteer veterinarian removed the growth and it was biopsied. Thankfully, I found out Tuesday that the growth was benign. Yay!

So...we'll see if Samuel might find himself a good home now that he's got some TLC to help him come out of his shell. He fits in here with all our who knows...

Did I just say that? Well...the husband already loves him since he seems to be a "man's dog," so it IS possible I suppose that he might just stay here...we'll see...


Shanna said...

Cause you need another dog? ;) You are such a softy, he isn't leaving that house ever.
I can't wait to visit Catherine's zoo someday. ;)
Oh, my word verification is "vestup". I thought it was funny.

kp said...

I love that you're a softie. His pic reminds me of my old Lab who died at 14. It's heartbreaking that that gray face has to be sad. But I'm glad he's enjoying some love in your family.