Friday, September 04, 2009

Miscellaneous thoughts

I just grabbed the nearest object (a little plastic ball) and threw it at my husband's head...and hit him. It's a good thing I wasn't near the pots and pans.
Of all the people my child could be exposed to in the public school system, the President of the United States seems like one of, if not THE, least harmful. What's next? Parents get to approve a teacher's curriculum? "Oh no no no...I don't want little Susie learning about x, y, or z today?" As Sam likes to say...pish posh.

I also have to wonder if there would be all this furor if we were back in the immediate post-911 era and the President was GWB. Respect the't. I feel like I'm getting whiplash just trying to keep up with the whims of the American public.
Why do most people have such a desire to believe in the hope of some God and lack such desire to believe in themselves? Why is it so difficult to believe in the power within us as individuals? and as a collective society? What makes that idea so much more preposterous than some all-knowing, all-powerful entity in the sky?
My Crocs sandals arrived. Did you know they're made in China? I swear, the Chinese must laugh at all the weird stuff they sell us crazy Americans.

Anyway I tried them on and I have to say I like them. I'm not entirely in love with them just yet...the little nubbys on the soles of my feet feel really weird. But we'll see.
Dick's Sporting Goods has opted NOT to sell Michael Vick jerseys. Kudos to them!

It just occurred to me that it's not considered ok for the President of the Unitest States to speak to schoolchildren, but it's ok to sell NFL merchandise that represents a convicted felon to schoolchildren. oy! People sure are crazy.
I made a dog bed. I want to sell it to benefit the APL. The store staff have put it in the corner...without a price tag. How do I tactfully express that (1) my feelings were hurt; and (2) I think they could sell it if they displayed it appropriately?

I can now officially list window decorator on my list of lifetime accomplishments.

And I got to USE my Cricut for the first time for the letters on the sign!

No matter how much you know it isn't true, it still hurts when my kid says to me, "Sometimes you act like you don't love me."
Tomorrow is shopping for shower and wedding decorations for my brother's October 10th wedding. My mom, me, and my sister-in-law-to-be (hey, that rhymes)...I hope she doesn't mind our weirdness because that might just be awkward at Thanksgiving and such.
I just about wet my pants laughing while reading this.


The Nanny said...

Gah. The whole hooplah about Obama's speech to the kids is mind-boggling.

Remember this: Where was GWB on 9/11? IN A CLASSROOM.




Hedda said...

At the risk of starting another political debate (thank you Facebook), Americans tend to have a short memory.

And your kids do love you. They just say that because they know it hurts your feelings.

Hennifer said...

This is a great post... I especially like the comparison of the sports hereos.

agreed with Hedda, short memories