Sunday, July 05, 2009

Everybody loves fashion

First, Myles "helped" me sew.
Then they both tried on shoes.
And finally, the dress that I can't wear for a zillion self-deprecating reasons. (Pay no mind to the hair...I've been sewing and have had no time to think about it.)


Shinny said...

Why can't you wear it? It is cute, I love the fabric and it looks great on you.
Just do it. We are always our own worst critic.
What did Steve say or should I ask, is he still alive? ;)

Holley said...

I think the dress is beautiful and you look great in it!

Wear it! Wear it! Wear it!

Jelly-Filled said...

I LOVE the dress! You look great in it! I hope you'll find a way to silence your inner critic and wear it!

sarahbobeara said...

cute cute dress! you look really good in it, i think it's a great length on you! your "it's done and i made it all myself" smile is just awesome! was that fabric hard to sew? i have a fear of using slippery fabrics, fun to wear though.

i hadn't realized myles has such light hair!! your boys are adorable, helping mommy out ;)