Thursday, April 02, 2009

uh...wait one sec

So now the office will NOT be closed on Fridays. WTF?!?!

With all the bitching and moaning about "government" and "spending" and "blah blah blah," I just WISH people would realize that we're talking about real people's lives here. We're talking about MY LIFE!

I can not live in this limbo forever. I'm so sick of being considered "a possible layoff," as if losing the reference to my humanity makes it just a OK situation. It doesn't and it's not. I'm irritable at the lack of certainty. Yes we we can't...whatever.

And all the while, I'm supposed to be grateful to have a job. Sure there are intangible benefits that do somewhat compensate for the pitiful salary (pennies on the dollar for what colleagues doing the exact same job in much smaller counties are making). But you know what? Intangible benefits won't feed my family.

And if my phone rings and I don't answer it, people feel they can get SNIPPY with me?!?! I'm a public servant and I should be here to serve...and be grateful for it. Because hell..."they pay my salary!"

HA! Just...HA!

I'm feeling a bit like that rubberband you stretch and stretch and stretch...watching the rubber slowly pull apart...jagged bits popping up from what started out as a smooth surface...until finally... breaks.


Shinny said...

The joys of being a public employee. My response to their "I pay your salary" has always been, "does that mean I don't have to pay taxes then myself?" (Jack*ss) I don't actually say that last part just think it in my head, ALOT!!! ;)

Good luck. I hope that you get a decision, one way or the other soon. Then you can at least plan for how to keep your house over your head and the family fed.

Similar happenings here in WI with the State jobs, luckily I have been here since time began, or it feels like it, so I am fairly secure, so far. ;)

Aurelia said...

I'm sorry this is so crazy...up and down like nuts. For good or for bad, I hope that you get some stability soon. ((hugs))

Hedda said...

Sorry things are so crazy. We have 60 layoffs coming sometime before June 30 but they won't tell us where. I feel your pain.

At least you have a sweet, loving family to go home to each night. Somehow the little ones always seem to make things much better.

delphi said...

Suck suck suckity sucks!!!

I am also a public servant, of sorts, and I have gotten the same comment. I have yet to come up with an answer that makes people understand that it is a shit job in many respects and that I do it to hopefully make a difference. And they should kiss my high heels for doing it.