Thursday, April 02, 2009

There's no place like home

I generally like it here. It's your typical rural county with very slow and straight thinking...not backwards but not exactly progressive either. And I can generally accept the way of life around here...I don't necessarily buy into it, but I can accept it without too much mental chafing.

So why am I so irritated by the fact that our library system does not carry a single children's book about evolution? (the entire system...not just our local branch...and yes, there are schools within our library system)

And why does it bother me that browsing the stacks at the local library reveals a special sticker designating "Christian" books?

Words on pages bound up in easy to handle form. Not inherently good or bad. Just books.

So what's the deal? What exactly is the criteria used to determine if something is a "Christian" book? I could mock and ask if it requires a certain number of references to Jesus...but I'm slightly afraid that is, in fact, one of the standards of measure.

And NOTHING about evolution? Really? NOTHING? By ignoring a subject do we make it disappear? Is that what people are hoping?

I may just be making a donation to my local library...very soon.

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Rosepetal said...

I would be beyond irritated! I find that whole debate baffling - the fact that it's made its way into a formal education system.

I read an article last year about how Sarah Palin referred to a Neanderthal in some quote when referring to someone or other. It was hilarious since apparently she can't believe that that species ever existed.