Friday, April 24, 2009

Interesting conversations (real and imagined)

Me: "I wrote that memo on the Z petition. If you could take a quick look at it, I'd appreciate it because it has to get on the agenda soon."

Boss: "I'm leaving for vacation tonight and won't be back until Monday. Why does this stuff always come up like this?"

Me: "Lisa's been out with her mom and stuff has kind of piled up while you were in your murder trial."

What I was REALLY thinking..."Because you take countless vacations...people actually joke about don't keep any of us updated as to your vacation schedule...and...well...this is your JOB?"
Please help your child find pictures of two items in a magazine, newspaper, or catalog that each cost less than one dollar.
Yeah...right. Do you actually LIVE in that alternate universe of a school or do you visit the real world every now and again?

BTW...Kleenex and discounted plastic easter eggs. Thank you CVS and Joanns.
Sam: "Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know."

Me: (Thinking how I'd REALLY like to smack that smart alec little face off.)
Sam: "Uncle Matt said I was invited over to his house..."

Me: "Uh...actually...I think you invited yourself over to his house."
Coroner: "Well, I just wanted to call you and tell you my side of things, because I don't think it's right."

Me: "I don't worry about sides, I worry about what's legal. I will research this issue and let you know what the law says. Thanks for calling."
Baby screaming/screeching. Sam crying. Me finding receipts crammed into the checkbook and not entered into the register.

(phone rings)

Me: "What?!?!"

Mom: "Uh...hi?"

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Pipsylou said...

That last one is me lately. :>)

I love your honesty.

LOVE it.