Book review from a deadbabymama

OK...Twilight was light and fun. The next two were easy reads as well. But after eleven hours (split up between last night and this morning/afternoon), I just wish I hadn't picked up New Moon at the bookstore.

I don't want to spoil it for anyone. But if you're like me and at all sensitive about the dead baby thing...the complex feelings surrounding pregnancy and loss and may want to steer clear of the last book in the series.

There. Consider yourself warned.

Oh...and the Nora Roberts Pagan Stone trilogy...just...don't. Not unless you have some kind of superhuman emotional strength (which I clearly do not).

Damn books.


msfitzita said…
Ugh, yeah - book four.

I probably would have read it anyway, even if I'd been warned (I would have been far too nosy not to read it), but the whole thing left me kind of cold. Pardon the pun.

All I kept thinking was, OH, so what I needed was a vampire in the room...then everything would have been just fine.


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