Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Today's revelation

It has taken me four years to figure out why I always feel depressed after my birthday. At first I thought it was just seasonal...lack of sun...too much cold...etc. But today it hit me that my birthday is the end of our family's very long holiday season. I make it all the way through Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, and then my birthday in a relatively good mood. But after my birthday, the only thing looming on the calendar to "look forward to" is May 8th. And then May 11th (I'm not so much about Easter because the whole re-birth theme just makes me queasy and irritable.).

Maybe I'd do better if I made more out of St. Patrick's Day in March and then Earth Day in April?

I just don't know.


lorem ipsum said...

My mom calls that 'the big letdown.' Like after holidays, or a vacation you've been thinking about for eleven months, or anything you've been gearing up for and then it's over.

Christmas tends to be the holiday that bugs me. Celebrating a teenage mother who had a painless birth.

marcia said...

Yeah...well if you had received a Valentine, it might have helped a tad, too! :) Isn't it weird how those insights just jump out in sort of a "Duh!" moment sometimes? Figuring it out doesn't necessarily always help a lot, but at least you can say you have some sort of clue now.