Thursday, March 05, 2009

Want to know just how much less women make than men?


Antigone said...

My first job out of school I was offered what I asked for. A few weeks into the job I asked my male cohorts what they were getting paid. They were all making about 15% more than me. Emboldened, the next year I asked for and received a 20% raise. In my case, at least, it was because I'd undervalued myself.

I've wondered if assertiveness in salary negotiation is a contributing factor with the wage gap. Either way, the gap certainly statistically exists.

Bon said...

Antigone's point is interesting. i certainly have no clue how to negotiate salary or raises at all, and my discomfort discussing money or valuing myself is one of my most classically feminine traits.

but i've always worked in education, where salaries are preset, or in crappy service jobs. :)

either way, wow.