Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Identity crisis

After seeing myself tagged as "the grumpy one" on a facebook wall photo, I'm having a bit of an identity crisis. Is that how people see me? grumpy?

I'll be the first to admit I'm no Mary Sunshine. And I do have my grandmother's and mother's quick Polish temper. But for some reason I hate the idea that I'm considered grumpy. And so I've been finding it hard to write here.

I know I often share online when there is (or I perceive there is) no other outlet. So this place has become my mental dumping ground. I am most prolific here when I have something I need to work out...some emotion I need to process. When I'm quiet, it means things are going well and I'm happy. I guess that doesn't do much for my image, does it?

I promise...I smile and laugh...and I'm reasonably loveable.

I swear. :o) <---do cheesy emotes help my image?

***Totally editing this to TRY to fix my obvious failings at communication (and quite possibly friendship).***
I am not, nor was I offended by the tagging. I love this person dearly (as much as you can love someone you've never actually met in person). And I do not think she is rude or wrong or anything nasty. It was intended in jest and I took it that way. But for some reason, I just started to think about it (you know what they say...every joke has a nugget of truth to it). This was an honest thought-provoking moment for me. My brain took the train of thought and ran with it. I don't want any hurt feelings over this. Mine certainly weren't hurt...I actually came up with a pretty good smart-a$$ retort that I was oddly proud of (I usually think of good comebacks way too late to be effective). But I digress...

I am resetting the comments here now because I obviously gave the wrong impression with my original post.

And I know why I don't want people to characterize me as grumpy. Daddy issues. Don't need expensive therapy to figure that out. Sadly, I just needed a little reassurance from strangers (since so few people I actually know in real life seem to read here). Yeah...I know...I've got more than just Daddy issues. blah!

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