Friday, January 09, 2009

Miscellaneous thoughts

My head is sooooo stuffed.
My answer to Dooce's question...

Is marriage or motherhood more difficult?

Marriage is definitely more difficult than motherhood. And the reason why is very very simple...when you consider how much of a control freak I am.

Motherhood means I'm the boss...I'm in charge. Sure, there is always a recognition that a child needs certain things, but it is up to my discretion to figure the best way to satisfy those needs. It's my call. With marriage, I've got to share the head honcho position. And that is almost painful for me.
Today at lunch, my colleague, NC, who is very pregnant (due in February), started ranting about the new law in Ohio requiring booster seats for children between the ages of four and eight years old (and shorter than 4 feet, 9 inches).

"It's just too much government interference."

In 2006, nineteen child occupants under age eight were killed in passenger motor vehicles.

A booster seat can be had for less than $20.

I just don't see the problem. If it saves ONE kid then it's worth it, in my humble opinion.
Jillian Barberie Reynolds...I wonder what her natural hair color is.
Several people have forwarded the petition about the new federal lead prohibition in children's toys.
The new safety law does not require resellers to test children’s products in inventory for compliance with the lead limit before they are sold. However, resellers cannot sell children’s products that exceed the lead limit and therefore should avoid products that are likely to have lead content, unless they have testing or other information to indicate the products being sold have less than the new limit. Those resellers that do sell products in violation of the new limits could face civil and/or criminal penalties.
CPSC press release

Honestly, knowing what lead poisoning can do to a child, I could care less about business concerns. I firmly believe that the public health is more important than profit margins. People will lose money but children will be protected. I don't have a problem with that.
I did not get my Photo Friday photo taken yet. With a theme of "white," there is no shortage of subject material all around...somewhere between six and fifteen inches of snow outside. brrrrr!!!
The boss has called a staff meeting for this week in anticipation of his annual two-week Mexican vacation. At least, I hope that's what it's about since the commissioners just approved the yearly budget and it's entirely possible we've got to make some staff changes. Keep your fingers crossed.
Due to a clerical error, my human resources department never signed me up for health insurance. I found out on January 7th. Government bureaucracy at it's finest.


Aurelia said...

Booster seats are very easy to use and cheap too, but you would not believe how many parents moan up here about them.

I made my kids sit in them even after the age of 8 because they weren't tall enough and heavy enough to sit without them. And we were the only ones! Everyone else acted like safety was irrelevant!

And those death rates---injury rates, serious ones, are even higher.

Beruriah said...

Fingers crossed.

People love to complain. My response usually is a cold statement about how when people die or are injured in car accidents, it costs taxpayer money to cover that loss. You know the ambulances, police needed to stop traffic, whoever it is that cleans up the mess afterwards. Why should I pay for stupidity?

I don't mean that entirely though. Of course it's more about why the hell not just do whatever we can to protect life? I'll sit in a damn booster seat if necessary.