Sunday, January 18, 2009

Miscellaneous thoughts

Thanks for all the help, but I'm pretty sure Sam's fear of the dark was just a ploy to get back into our bed. This week's complaint is that his bed "isn't comfortable." Which I will give him since he's sleeping on a futon. We were waiting to invest in a good set until he was really going to need it...looks like that's now. But since the fear of the dark complaints have disappeared, I'm comfortable that he's not going to be traumatized by my insistence that he sleep in the dark.

As an aside...absolutely no fish...never matter what.
Me: Monday's a day off, do you know why?

Sam: Yeah.

Me: Have you studied Martin Luther King in school at all? (asked doubtfully)

Sam: Yeah.

Me: And do you know...

Sam (interrupting): And mommy, do you know what the worst part was?

Me: What?

Sam: He was assassinated.

Me: Yes he was. This country has had some very bad times.

Sam: Yeah.

Me: Do you know what he did while he was alive?

Sam: No, I can't remember that part.
Before the Alzheimers, my grandmother would have loved this... Would it be silly to order one for myself?
Sam: Mom, on one of your shows they're talking about clone wars.

Me: Oprah is NOT one of my shows.
Faith makes things possible...not easy.

I have to admit that I first thought, "Faith in what?" But I guess, in its simplest incarnation, this little gem just might be true. Faith in yourself. Faith in your spouse. Not so sure about the faith in God bit myself, but I suppose it could work for some people.

We interrupt this post for 48 hours of the flu. Will do better next week...I hope.

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Rosepetal said...

I don't know, I have very little faith in anything.

Sam conversation made me laugh out loud!