Friday, January 09, 2009

#2 way to change the world


Isn't It Amazing What One Woman and Her Friends Can Do...

I saw this phrase on the Lucy bracelet and immediately felt it appropriate for this blog.

Having lost one of her own children to the slave trade, Lucy Goode Brooks was especially concerned for the plight of black children left orphaned and abandoned by former owners.

Lucy convinced the Ladies Sewing Circle for Charitable Works, of which she was leader, that a home for orphans was a worthy project. They asked the Richmond-based Quaker Society of Friends for help, recognizing their humanitarian interest in the less fortunate and oppressed.

The Quakers agreed to sponsor the orphanage project and raised money in Virginia and the Northern states...

Over the years, FRIENDS has evolved from an orphanage to an adoption agency to providing foster care to becoming multi-service family centers, all the while remaining true to Lucy’s vision. Through the power of the human spirit, the chains of bondage became chains of compassion that are still being felt generations later.

The Lucy bracelet is a beautiful, hand-made sterling silver cuff, easily adjustable to fit any wrist, that sells for $37.00.

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