Monday, December 08, 2008

Laughter is the best medicine

I was going to blog about being sick again (third time since Halloween), but found this gem and thought it a good bit more interesting than my whining. I just don't even know what to say...I'm laughing too much.


marcia said...

So what's your problem with that, Catherine?? :):) Don't you think the little blue and white striped squiggle going down the front just really works to pull it all together?
What really gets me is the absolutely serious expression on the face of the she just can't wait to wear that somewhere next weekend!

Julia said...

Whoooa.. that should come with a vertigo warning.
The most disturbing bit for me is the price. Seriously? The pattern must be the lead article in their stylish new Emperor's new clothes line... Shudder.
Ok, off to make a homemade latte. I fear nothing less will work to calm down my visual cortex.

P.S. Feel better. Both of the kiddos at this house are sick, though I seem to still be hanging on. Throat is sore, though. Hence-- hot liquid with milk.

Shinny said...

So is that what you are getting me for Christmas? ;) I do want to see it when you make it for yourself. There must be a wedding or party of some sort in your future you can where that too. ;)

miraclebaby said...

tee hee. That's one ugly dress.

Feel better soon!!