Monday, October 06, 2008

Miscellaneous thoughts - Monday edition

Sam - strep throat
Myles - ear infection
Mommy - needs more wine
Nonprofit rule #1 : Never turn away a volunteer. Put them to work.
Nonprofit rule #2 : If you call a potential volunteer and ask them to attend a "special event," at least know what the special event is and be able to answer questions about it.
A campfire, some lawn chairs, and a starry sky make for a lovely family evening.
I am really disappointed with Sam's soccer experience this year. His coach was taking phone calls on his cell phone at halftime, if that tells you anything about his coaching. My mom even noted that the other team's coach was really out there giving pointers and coaching while ours just stood there. Sam needs encouragement to do new things...he does not have an overly adventurous spirit. This coach is doing nothing to get him excited about the game.
Sam never crawled. He went straight from laying around like a worm to "cruising the furniture" while standing up. So this new experience of a mobile 10-month-old is kind of frightening. I spend a good bit of time following him around catching him before he gets into trouble. I can't turn my back on him for more than ten seconds or he is gone.
Remember the mice? Yesterday we found where they had been hiding prior to their living room adventures. My craft closet. Thankfully, my expensive yarn was not touched and it appears, after careful sifting, that they only stayed OUTSIDE of my storage containers (a big thank you to my friend Dana for showing me the way of Rubbermaid tubs). Let me tell you, nothing strikes fear into the heart of a stitcher more than the sight of mouse poop outside the box holding her $60 worth of pure alpaca yarn.
A drive to Democrat headquarters the other night led to an amazingly insightful conversation with my six-year-old son. I hope he always remains so thoughtful and well-reasoned.
This cracks me up.
There doesn't seem to be time for anything these days. Between soccer and cub scouts and work (and work-related crap) and illness...I barely seem to have time to breathe. My house is in shambles. When the baby crawls on the floor, he comes up looking like an orphan child covered in dirt and dog hair. And there's nothing I can do about it at the moment because the canister on the very expensive vacuum cleaner has come apart and we can't figure out how to get it back together. Anyone with a in the h*** do you get the lid to the canister back on?!?! Thanks.
Sarah Palin wants to talk about the associates of the presidential candidates. OK...Let's talk.

Oh...and found this tidbit on a blog I read...

An Investment Banking “Factoid"
• Up until 2003, all investment banks were limited to 12 to 1 leverage
• In 2004, the SEC gave 5 investment banks the ability to lever up to as much as 40 to 1
• The 5 investment banks were:
• Bear Stearns (acquired by JP Morgan Chase)
• Lehman Brothers (Bankrupt)
• Merrill Lynch (acquired by Bank of America)
• Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs (converted to a bank holding companies)


Julia said...

Two years ago I took Monkey with me, and she colored while I made election phone calls. She still remembers. She also remembers gubernatorial debates from that year. We talk about politics and social justice together. We talk about candidate's ideas and why and how we vote. I too love seeing her be thoughtful and become engaged. One of the big pleasures of parenthood.

Also, about those associates... Is the woman high? She is the one who was addressing the convention of a secessionist party to which her husband belonged for years. And her witch-hunting priest? Whatever it is she is smoking it must be good shit. I could use some of it...

Sweet Coalminer said...

I am sorry about the sick kids, and totally understand about having a crawler after a cruiser, and having to follow him around.

We set up little prisons by moving all of the furniture around him so that he is contained with no escape route.

I don't know how you do it - 2 kids, full-time job. Don't sweat the dog hair. In fact, just spray him with some adhesive and - voila - Halloween costume!