Monday, October 06, 2008

I do not understand

HOW, in light of the news this past week, HOW do you argue for more reliance on markets for health care?

Unless I'm missing something, a $5000 tax credit isn't going to cover a $12,000 insurance plan. I'm pretty sure deregulation hasn't helped my cable television bill or my retirement this concept scares me.

Don't Pennsylvania and California have pretty good public plans that covers children? So it is possible, right? Help me understand. Educate me. Anyone?


Julia said...

You know, I just don't see how anyone would ensure a dead baby mama for 5K. Cause, you know, we might get pregnant again, and need some of them expensive tests and treatments. Ha, I say.

And after I had a baby who spent a week in NICU, I am pretty sure my whole family would be in trouble if we had to get insurance on the open market.

Two Boys said...

The only public plan I'm aware of in CA that covers children is "Healthy Families". It's a low cost plan that is available if your income qualifies. The problem is that the income qualification level is low so even those families who make a modest income cannot qualify and are stuck paying the outrageous insurance premiums. Once you qualify, you have to submit income verification each quarter.

My sister and BIL did qualify for it several years ago, but after the first year my BIL was given a raise and that "extra" $50/month he was bringing home put them above the income level. They were cancelled and had to go on BIL's employee plan which costs them $611.00/month for their family. So much for that "extra" $50. He would have been better off taking a pay cut LOL!

Take care,