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How soon is too soon to put up Halloween decorations?
This blog is a jumble of miscellaneous thoughts. Perhaps this particular feature is redundant here? C'est la vie.
I tried to knit myself a scarf and failed miserably. I think I'm finally giving up on knitting. It's just not for me. Now I need to find a good crochet scarf pattern...

Of course, there are SO many beautiful knitting patterns, I just might be motivated to try it again in the future. Who knows where time and insanity might take me!
This weekend is the showdown between mommy and Sam. His room will be cleaned or he will not participate in anything fun. In fact, he is not allowed to leave his room until it is cleaned. Should be fun.
Well duh!
On the same day WaMu goes under, I get this email from them...
With kids back in school and a nip in the air, we’re suddenly reminded that the holidays are just around the corner.

Even if you’re not ready to hit the stores, you can cut down on holiday stress by saving a little extra cash today. With Online Savings at an amazing 4.00% APY and great rates on Money Market accounts, we have plenty of ways to kick your holiday savings into gear.

Learn more about your options and these great rates for saving for the holidays.

Bare Escentuals cosmetic sales benefit UAN (United Animal Nations).

Today through November 13, Bare Escentuals will donate 100 percent of the net proceeds of its sales of Sanctuary Eyecolor to United Animal Nations.

The Sanctuary Eyecolor was created and named specifically to celebrate the relief that UAN provides for animals.

To ensure UAN receives the proceeds, the Sanctuary Eyecolor must be purchased at a Bare Escentuals boutique or on the Bare Escentuals Web site between September 26 and November 13.
I will never understand the American idea of capitalism that says we don't accept handing out cash to families facing foreclosure but do accept handing BILLIONS to the banking industry who got themselves into a mess. If I default on my mortgage, tough cookies. If the CEO who makes $40 million a year bankrupts the company...the government will save them. *sigh*
Anytime you begin to think the American public is smart enough to handle a Presidential election...visit the election twitter feed. It will alternately make you laugh and cry.
I desperately want to take a photography class.
The Friday before the local town festival is purple shirt day at Sam's school. It's a big deal and the kids win prizes, etc. Last year I was tie-dying a tshirt for him the night before because he failed to mention it until the night before. I had so much fun doing it that I planned ahead this year and bought supplies two days before...and planned to dye the night before without any stress.

Of course, with a six-year-old, nothing is ever stress-free. Sam didn't like the way the first t-shirt turned out..."not enough pattern" on it for him. He lost his cool and yelled at me...pouted and cried. I sent him to his room because I am so very tired of the temper tantrums.

I personally thought that the shirt wasn't quite the way I envisioned it and ran upstairs and grabbed a plain white t-shirt out of his underwear drawer and dyed it as well. It turned out great and I was so pleased...so was Sam once he was over his hysterics.

Today? Today he didn't wear either purple shirt! He blames his father for not "putting it out" for him to wear (despite it hanging in the bathroom in plain sight). And I am...in a word...pissed at them both. I turned myself inside out to make this happen...dealt with the attitude...and he doesn't even wear the damn shirt! I want to strangle him. No...I want to kick MYSELF for being a schmuck. Did I really think he would appreciate it? No...I knew it would be just another in a long line of things I do for him that goes without thanks. So why did I even bother?
How will the 2008 election affect your tax bill?
(of course this was formulated pre-trillion dollar bailout...so who knows if it's even applicable now)
As my mom always says...better to be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt. Sarah Palin should stop talking.


kate said…
I have been thinking i need to learn to crochet because there are so many beautiful crochet patterns. There is an awesome book called loop-de-loop crochet or something like that, a lady in my knitting circle is working out of it. There is a jacket in there i am *totally* drooling for. Maybe after Xmas...

and i was just wondering about halloween decorations myself...i think i will wait a few weeks, though.

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