1st grade school supplies list

1. Box of 8 crayons only

We request only 8 crayons, as many directions are color coded, and it makes it less confusing for your child to follow the directions.

Apparently it is just presumed that when you enter the 1st grade, you are an idiot. But then again, I'm still confused by the difference between brown and burnt sienna. Can I blame my parents for sending me to school with more than 8 crayons in the first grade?

11. Container of Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

They're getting Lysol. I got a good deal and they're just going to have to live with it.

Tomorrow's assignment for mommy...find a blue pencil box. You know I'm going to encounter every color BUT blue, right?

Now...do you really think I need to put my child's name on each item as the supply list indicates? I really don't see myself trying to write his name on scissors...or a glue stick. But I will reluctantly break out the Sharpie if the consensus says that I must.

(By the way...keep your stories coming in the comments. I love knowing that I am not alone in my misery and they're really good for a laugh or two.)


Jillian said…
Break out the Sharpie Girlfriend! And be grateful the list wasn't like my kids':24 coloured pencils (named), 12 crayons (names), 4 lead pencils (named) 4 glue sticks (named), 1 pair of scissors (named), 2 erasers (named)and one ruler (you guessed it - named). One year they requested two rolls of kitchen towell. Torn into squares.

You thought they were teaching the kids who was boss didn't you??? NOW who do you think they're breaking in and power playing?? LOL, I wonder if it ever ends!! Good luck with the green, I mean blue pencil box ;)
marcia said…
Sharpie it is, C! Just wait till he goes to camp for a week, and it's every single item of clothing, including each and every sock :) It's just one of the little known Rites of Passage of parenthood (which means, BTW, that Steve can help...late penance for forgetting the anniversary! :) )
Penultimatina said…
Kate, I found a blue one at Target. Pink is Gabi's "worst enemy," she says.

I'd label stuff like folders and notebooks, but I don't label the glue sticks, since they're communal. It's easier sometimes to just print up a bunch of address labels or 5160s and stick them on.

Can't believe they're in first grade already!
Pipsylou said…
I made these ghetto school supplies labels for her - it's supposed to be Ariel but it doesn't look like Ariel because I'm too cheap to use colored ink.
sarahbobeara said…
so orange-yellow isn't orangey enough to use when the directions say 'orange?' ??? 8 crayons is kind of limiting at this age. i'm sure sam has 64+ colors at home so going back to 8 has to be b-o-r-i-n-g. that just rubs me the wrong way. let the kids have some artistic freedom!!!

i'm in the same place with labeling everything. i really don't want to. i'm also confused by how big a pencil box to buy. (i'm over thinking things, maybe?) but reese's pencil box doesn't hold much so maybe we should have shopped around.
Sherri said…
my beginning of the school year story: my almost-ten-year-old is riding the bus home to an empty house for the first time now that she is in 4th grade. She called me from outside the house yesterday when she got off the bus to tell me that she was technically home, but afraid to go inside because she was pretty sure there was a tarantula on the couch, so would it be okay if she just sat on the porch for 2.5 hours until a grown up got home?
DD said…
Last year XBoy was "limited" to eight ("please make sure they are the most common eight colors"). Now in first grade, he gets 24! 24 crayons I had to write his name on.

Then they were supposed to have 12 No. 2 pencils...I didn't put his name on those. If he loses one, two or eleven, I think I can find some replacements; or wait for the Holidays where kids are giving out pencils instead of candy.
Natalie said…
the 8 crayons......reminds me of the old show Sisters. Teddy was having a disagreement w/ another designer (or something to that effect)...........she said she always had the box of 64, while she claims the designer must have only had the 8. Melina had to bring the 24, but I only labeled the box.........with our label maker. (Yes, I am *that* Mom.) LOL We weren't asked to label though, I just did anyway.

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