Saturday, June 14, 2008

Miscellaneous thoughts

Last weekend we had a brief and very violent windstorm that tore a healthy limb from the giant old oak tree in our front yard. That limb crashed down on the power line running from the roadside pole to our house...literally ripping the electric connection from the side of our house. Had to call the fire department so they could tape off the area in this oh-so-lovely DANGER tape.

We were without power overnight and only given a temporary connection by the power company. We had to call a licensed electrician to repair the damage lines and connection on the house itself.

Since we had no idea how much such a repair should run us, I called my connections at the county building department and asked for the name of a couple reputable electricians. Steve called a couple of them with the intention of getting a quote. One replied to a message left on his voicemail and said he was headed out to our house to "see what we have going on."

By the next day we still hadn't heard back from him, so Steve called and left a message asking what was up. They called back later that apologize for having ALREADY DONE THE WORK. No written authorization. No quote. No communication whatsoever.

We're in the process of trying to find out how much other people WOULD HAVE charged...just to check. I really hope we didn't get scammed because I really don't want to have to fight about this.

The really funny thing is, our last contractor would take DAYS to do the simplest of jobs. It seems we've found the opposite extreme in this new guy. I'm beginning to wonder if there is a happy medium.
Went to McDonald's for dinner and so Sam could play on the Playplace for a while. I caught him being nice and helping a little girl he didn't know climb up the giant tower.

Sometimes he surprises me in such good ways.
I need to think of a good thank you gift for my boss. What do you know about Scotch?

Speaking of alcohol...I'd love to try Smirnoff Mojito but am put off by the giant size of the bottle. What if I don't like it? Anyone tried it?
My brother is engaged! Congratulations to him and his fiancee!
Myles loves daycare. I can't even imagine what I was so worried about now.
I'm learning to bargain shop. It's fun. Kind of like a giant treasure hunt. I'm going to start a running total over in my sidebar (stole the idea from another blog). Tonight's trip was most impressive. All this for $0.05.
I have to sign Sam up for some summer activities...for after t-ball is finished. Basketball "camp," soccer "camp," and flag football "camp" seem to be the frontrunners. Each takes about an hour in the evenings for one week. It's a pain in the ass logistics-wise, but I really want to be sure he gets out from in front of the tv/playstation enough to stay active and not get fat like his mama and daddy.
Star Wars Episode VI DVD release: For the DVD release of the original trilogy, Christensen was edited in to replace Sebastian Shaw as the Force ghost of Anakin. That is just wrong.
Good thoughts are going out to Claire's Friends for tomorrow's Butterfly Tea. Three years and one thousand memorial bracelets...Congratulations!
I have time on my hands today. I think I'm going to do something crafty. Now I just have to settle on what that will be...


Plant Girl said...

The Smirnoff Mojito mix is fantastic. I'm not a fan of rum, so have always been hesitant to try a Mojito. I picked up a bottle of it on Memorial Day weekend and was incredibly pleased. It's nice and light, with the perfect sweetness and a nice hint of mint. Fantastic for hot, summer days.

Holley said...

Chas knows a good bit about scotch. Give us a call tomorrow if you have questions or I'll try to call you.

Or you could just ask for details at the birthday party next Saturday. Unless you think talking about scotch during a six year old's princess and pirates party is inappropriate.

My husband would probably appreciate it though--especially discussing it during the party.

Sherri said...

as a coupon-clipping addict, i am dying to know your bargain secrets - how on earth did you get all that for so little? spill your guts!

Beruriah said...

How'd you get all that for $0.05!? You're a master.

I think that storm blew on up to our house shortly after yours.

Can't help you on the Mojito. I'm allergic to rum. :(