Friday, June 06, 2008

All the news that's fit to print

The lawnmower is broken and the lawn is a veritable jungle complete with its own wildlife population. My gardens are a mess because I'm never home with two free hands when it's not raining or humid and HOT (like a zillion degrees). I'm slightly overwhelmed by my gardens, to be honest. They are so far-gone that I just don't even know where to start. I tried pulling weeds a few weeks back (it's a great exercise when you're angry with your husband)...but it started to rain and I didn't get very far. I'm hoping to really get to it on Sunday...if for nothing else than to get some bulbs and veggie plants in the ground.

Things SHOULD be calm for the summer. But even as I type that, I'm making a mental list of all the upcoming events we've planned "for fun." I know if they're anything like the "fun" things we've been doing lately, I will be glad when they are over and I can quietly peruse the photos from the comfort of my nice comfy sofa. Tomorrow is supposed to be Sam's annual birthday trip to the zoo, but they're calling for isolated thunderstorms so we'll see.

Sam won a ticket to a minor league baseball game as a prize for participating in a reading program. While at the ballpark, we had a happy birthday greeting run on the scoreboard for him, but he didn't see it because he was too busy playing around with his friends. The money went to charity, so I can't complain. And I got a we can tease him about that for many years to come.

Myles was not impressed with the loudness of the ballgame. And since it was Daddy's birthday, I gave him a break from the screaming baby during the game. That was fun. (/sarcasm)

The big sixth birthday bash went off without a hitch. I think everyone had fun. I know I evidenced by sheer exhaustion by the end of the day.

T-ball had been going well until the game earlier this week when my ham of a son grabbed hold of the coach's batting tee and broke it. He "was sliding and couldn't stop." In t-ball. Sliding. Really?!?! (sigh)

Tuesday morning was Sam's kindergarten program/graduation. Anyone who knows me at all probably expected that I would cry. I did. I'm just so proud of that little boy. I know it sounds cliche to say that time goes so fast...but it really does. I look at this little person who was a not-so-tiny baby just six short years ago...and I really can not believe how AMAZING he is.

Myles is just cuter and cuter every day. He lights up the room when he smiles or giggles. We'll see how big he is at his six-month appointment in two weeks. I suspect he's outgrown his infant least that's what my aching arms tell me when I try to lug him around. Let me tell you...the sling is my friend.

Next week is supposed to be the first week of daycare for the boys. Though it's a bit complicated, I'm working it out in my heart and my head as best I can. Yesterday's office drama apparently included much talk about me. Nobody has the nerve to talk WITH me...but they apparently have no problem expressing their displeasure ABOUT me to my boss. And so Myles' last day at the office was actually Tuesday, instead of today as planned. I don't understand why people just can't mind their own business...but it seems they can't. It's a shame, really, that it had to end that way after going relatively well for the past five months.

I have no good reason for not blogging recently. I'm not particularly busy...haven't accomplished anything spectacular. I have tried to write some things but I always find myself debating whether to hit the publish button...and ultimately choose not to. There are reasons for this that I'm trying to sort out. Maybe I'll blog about it...maybe not.


marcia said...

After listing a full page of things you have been doing IN ADDITION to working at your PAID job, you then say "I haven't been particularly busy; haven't accomplished anything spectacular..." Please go back and read your post(through the eyes of someone on the outside looking in!)....then have Steve mix you some sort of yummy adult beverage and put those feet up for awhile!! You may not qualify for any Garden Club awards this particular summer, but you sure are doing a bang-up job in lots of other areas! Good to hear from you :):)

Julia said...

You do sound busy. And you also sound like you've been having nice time. Hope your summer fun activities are more fun and less exhaustion. Or at least fun exhaustion.

kate said...

I'm glad things are OK though, i was beginning to worry.

Sorry for the drama at work...i am sure Myles will do well at daycare. I was worried about daycare for my boys and it has been going very well. They really like it there and miss it when they don't go.

Aurelia said...

Daycare was great for my kids, but I really think it's crappy that others are complaining about you and Myles! ten other swear words I won't print on your blog.