Friday, May 23, 2008

Take a left at the Hello Kitty display

He calls me from Party City...where I have sent him to buy a package of Star Wars birthday party invitations.

"Where did you find the invitations?"

"In the Star Wars section."

"Which is where?"


Apparently I am supposed to play air flight controller and talk him in for a landing in the appropriate aisle of the store I have been to exactly four times IN.MY.LIFE.

I know I'm tired. Myles' snotty nose disturbed his sleep breathing and woke us both up twice during the night last night while Steve snored away (and today hasn't been much better with sporadic and fitful naps). And I know I'm irritable. Sam has decided to be my shadow today for some very whiney shadow.

I don't think my husband realizes how dangerous it is to ask me where to go right now. Poor foolish man.


Rosepetal said...

Well this type of behaviour seems to be genetic in men. It works in reverse too. When I asked my husband where he had put the iPod charger, I had ALREADY looked in the obvious places BEFORE asking including several drawers.

The answer was, "it's in the drawer".

Mmhmm, cos we only have one drawer in the whole place.

marcia said...

I'm cracking up over this one! He calls you on his cell rather than ask directions of a store employee...or just walking the aisles like you had to do before you found it earlier! Sort of like "are we out of...whatever?" because it happens to be on a different shelf in the frig from where it usually resides! Too funny!