Thursday, May 01, 2008

Steve's fifteen minutes of fame

Resident Stephen .... said the value of his property will plummet if the rezoning and expansion take place, a loss that will devastate his young family.

“I am stuck. I will lose everything (if) I have with a landfill right in my backyard. We invested in our house, and we renovated to the tune of $70,000. All that is gone if this passes,” he said.


Rosepetal said...

I'm so sorry that you have this worry and stress heaped on you. You'd think that you would get a break for some calm for at least a few years. It's really not asking much.

Awake said...

That blows chunks. Sorry I have no other eloquent way to state it.

And you're probably right - fighting may really not be worth it in the end. Eminent domain and all that sh*t.

Have a good stiff drink.

Bon said...

i am so sorry for this, Catherine.

you guys deserve a break, guys deserve a peaceful May, for once.