Wednesday, April 02, 2008

TV warning (UK)

If you are in the UK, have lost a baby, and watch Coronation Street, a little warning for the end of this month.


Coggy said...

Thank you for that warning. I don't normally watch Corrie but I'm impressed that they are doing this story line, although I'm a bit aprehensive about other people I know watching it especially people at work.

Bronwyn said...

I am a huge Corrie fan and I have been wondering whether this pregnancy was going to have a happy ending or not. They recently had a "perfect baby" birth with another character, so I suspected that they may do something along the tragic lines for the next one.

I don't know if I'm weird, but I find this odd comfort in watching fictional birth tragedies. Maybe it's just that I can relate to them in a way that I can't with "normal", happy outcomes.

I am surprised that they leaked this story so far ahead of time, though. Talk about a spoiler!