Wednesday, April 02, 2008

It's all in who you know

Got this email from a friend. If anyone can help her out, let me know and I'll put you in touch.

Dear friends,

Please forgive the mass e-mail, particularly if we haven't talked in a while. This is hard to write even once.

If you hadn't heard already, the recession hit home for the *** family (again). CNET laid off 10% of their worldwide workforce last week and I was part of the cream of the crop.

I'm taking the opportunity -- and a page from (husband)'s book -- to go into business for myself. I want to continue doing what I love and watch my daughter grow up at the same time. There are plenty of job listing scammers who attempt to appeal to people who fancy themselves "editors," and yet I'm the real thing! So, if you know anyone in the world (literally) who needs a kind but ruthless, bona fide professional editor/copyeditor/proofreader/critique guru for offsite work, let me know. I can do anything from resumes to term papers to articles to newsletters to full-length books. (And if nothing else, let's not be strangers.)

Thanks, and be well!

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kp said...

I'm a part-time editor for Mad Mariner, a daily online boating magazine. The publisher is often looking for line editors. It wouldn't be full time. But he pays pretty well and cuts weekly checks. I can ask if he needs another editor. Your friend can reach me at