Friday, April 04, 2008

Listen to the kid

Back in August we got a school district calendar that specifically designated which kindergarten class is in session each and every Friday for the entire school year (M/W and every other Friday or T/R and every other Friday).

Late last night, Sam tells me that his teacher told the class that the calendar was "wrong, wrong, wrong" and that he had school on Friday despite the M/W designation on today's calendar block.

He's told me he was sure he had school before and he's been wrong, so I assumed that was the case here. So I didn't listen to him and we had a glorious sleep-in this morning (even Myles slept).

Guess who called while we were sleeping? Guess what the message said? Guess who had a misprint in their calendar? Guess who had a giant clusterf*ck this morning at school with kids showing up who had the day off and kids not showing up who were supposed to be there? Guess who had school today?

And the secretary I finally spoke to on the telephone? She tells me that the Principal sent out a letter explaining the mixup and alerting us to the change needed on the calendar. We got no such letter. It was either in the snail mail and we didn't notice it or it was "sent home" with Sam and he lost it. Either way...piss poor administration if you ask me.

Sam didn't want to go, I'm still tired and now have a headache, Myles is feeling crappy because he got shots yesterday, and it's raining. We're all staying home for the day. But next time I will listen to the kid.


miraclebaby said...

Today is a nice day to stay home, isn't it?

Aurelia said...

I wish wish wish schools would all learn about this new invention called EMAIL for notes.


Julia said...

Sounds like they totally deserve the fun morning they had. Unfortunately, parents of the kids who showed up but shouldn't have been there did not deserve it at all. And yes, that fancy thing called email? They really should check into it.

Glad you had a nice sleep in, though.