Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Vacation ideas?

June 4-8

Let's hear 'em.


DD said...

With the boys or just as a couple?

Heather said...

Rehoboth beach!

sarahbobeara said...

jacksonville FL :)

these are the ones i have jotted down on my list (yes, on my bulletin board)...
lake superior lakeshore
peshtigo fire museum, peshtigo WI
dayton OH flight museum
mobile, alabama harbor (USS alabama)
mackinaw city, MI
prairie du chien WI (miss river waterfront)
circus museum, baraboo WI

and what about cedar falls?!?!!? you know sam would love you forever :)

sarahbobeara said...

hm...not cedar falls. duh. cedar point.

that was the stupid iowan in me coming out. (cedar falls, IA)

Aurelia said...

Come to Toronto! Lots of fun guaranteed!

Julia said...

Aruba. Definitely Aruba.
Or a cruise. With a really good camp for Sam (assuming the boy(s) get to go). Carnival was ok for camp. Royal Carribean was great.

Gretchen said...

That's a lovely time of year in Colorado, except for the flooding from the melting mountain snowpack.

The tourism board should put me on their payroll. I am forever hyping our magnificent state.

Sherri said...

Last year we loaded up the big rig (aka minivan) and drove with the girls down to the Outer Banks of NC and stayed at a beach house for a week - it was a lot of fun, and being in a house meant you could really lounge around and relax which was great. This year we are going to try the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge area in TN - a shorter drive! of course, on the way to wherever you go, you should consider stopping to visit your friend sherri in the columbus area - I can hook you up (bribe!)if Sam would like to see COSI! :-)

marcia said...

You got some great ideas already! As a lifelong Michiganian, however, I want to caution you that the UP, and even the Mackinaw City area, might still be a bit chilly the first week of June. But there are fun family things to do up there. Watching ships go through the locks at the Soo is fun for kids. the Shipwreck museum at Whitefish point is interesting. And we took a Shipwreck boat tour out of Munising this past Fall that was fun. Glass-bottom boat takes about a two-hour cruise around the shallow bay there, and you can view shipwrecks, some a century or two old, just a few feet under the bottom of the boat. The Tahquamenon Falls are beautiful any time of the year..not as massive as Niagara...but not as touristy, either, and the setting is remote surrounded by forest. Mackinac Island is fun (but pricey to stay overnight...better to stay in Mackinaw City or St. Ignace and make the Island a day trip). No motor-driven vehicles on the island. Travel is by foot, bike or horse and buggy.
I agree with Gretchen that CO is a wonderful place to visit. I have a brother living in the Denver area, so we get out there every now and then. But, again, in early June, there may still be a lot of snow at higher elevations. We went up Pike's Peak the end of June one year. Roads were OK, but snow was still piled as high as the roof on the gift shop at the peak! And I think Trail Ridge had only been open for a few weeks. But it is beautiful seeing everything coming alive again after the winter snow recedes!

Jelly-Filled said...

WV? :-)

Brenda said...

Some place cold. i only like to holiday when its cold!


Stephanie said...

Tampa. Free lodging, free pool, free food.

AJW5403 said...

Since I live with the mouse I say Orlando Florida. There is so much to do here. Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and so much more.

Kendra's mom said...

Come to Cape Town!! It will be winter but our winters are mild compared to yours.

Roxanne said...

I'm a Disney freak. The DISboarders are all excited about a condo complex near Disney called Windsor Hills. It's cheap and supposedly really nice. Google it. 3 bed. 3 bath condo with private pool for 750 a week or so.

I've been Graceland. I have to say that it was pretty overrated. Looked a lot like my parent's house which was built in 75 and hasn't been updated since! LOL. I did get an Elvis mug, though.

Other ideas...cruises ARE fun! I've been trying to think of a good summer vacay myself.