Sunday, March 16, 2008

Miscellaneous thoughts

The Blackberry didn't last a week. It was too much phone for me. I have not retreated back to my paper dayplanner, but I really feel like maybe I should. Technology and I are apparently not made for one another.
It is one thing to believe that cats should chase live in an old farmhouse with two cats indoors (and at least one outdoors)...expecting those cats to rid your living space of dirty rodents. It is an entirely different thing altogether to hear a scene from Wild Kingdom being played out behind you in the darkness of the dining room as you surf the internet on your computer. The noises...I can not adequately describe the noises.
I sometimes really wish we could "rewind the world" (as my Sam said) so I could say, "I told you so."
The mailbox is gone. Not even the post remains. We can only assume it is buried under a snowdrift somewhere along our road (thanks to the Ohio Department of Transportation's snow plow). Six years...almost seven...not a bad run along a state highway, I suppose. Of course, we've had to replace the actual box a time or two due to road salt and other deterioration. But this is the first time the whole she-bang has disappeared. Long live the mailbox.

**update: The snow melted and there lay the mailbox. So sad.
Why do people ask for kitchen stuff for wedding presents? Aren't there far more exciting things you want?
I have messages and emails to respond to. But I'm hiding because I'm not feeling particularly good or supportive (or even communicative). Selfish. I'm selfish...and tired.
I found the LEXUS 2008 RX ad at the top of my hotmail page quite amusing this week given Geraldine Ferraro's comments in the press...
"The right color influences everything."
I know they're talking cars, but still, it made me giggle.
My little town public library has online book renewal. Very cool. And now that I've found my library card in an old purse, I can check out and renew books at will. I've forgotten how fun the library can be. The POWER!
Heard at my house:
Steve: "She gave birth to you."
Me: "And kept you alive for the last almost six years. That's more than your brothers can say."

While watching food network:
Sam: "WHAT is she making? That's DISGUSTING!"

Heard in the Walmart parking lot:
Sam: "I'll guard the stroller so nobody steals my baby brother."
Me: "You think somebody wants to steal your baby brother?"
Sam: " know, EVERYBODY loves babies."
The kid signed up for t-ball, so vacation has been postponed. It's a good thing, though, because I was feeling stressed about finding the "perfect" vacation spot in such a short time. Now I can relax a little bit about it and aim for the end of June or the beginning of August.
After 13+ years, I have removed my wedding rings.

No, it's nothing drastic. Just needed a small repair.
At exactly three months postpartum my hair started falling out. It's still falling out...almost a month later. I'm terribly afraid I'm going to end up bald.

Funny thing is, Myles' hair is falling out too. Guess we'll match.
I have plans again. And I have energy again. I might get this house cleaned up this year after all. There's still so much to do before I will feel ok about tearing into the kitchen...(insert evil laugh here).
I am officially an old person.

Yesterday we went to Ruby Tuesday's to have dinner. We walked up to the hostess stand and the hostess was too busy talking to her server friend to acknowledge our presence. Steve had to interrupt them in order for us to be seated.

The hostess led us (I was pushing Myles in the stroller) to a which there was no room for said stroller. I looked at her in confusion. Where was I to put the stroller?

She stood there looking bored as people pushed by us in the teeny tiny aisle and I said, "I just don't think this is going to work." In what seemed like slow motion, she replied, "I do have a table over there (indicating with a limp arm as though she could care less) if you want to sit there." I said, "Yeah, I think we should try that."

As we were making our way over to the new table, another hostess was leading another family to the same table. As we met, the other hostess snottily said to us, "Uh...oh...kayyy..."

At this point I had had enough. I said, "No, you know what, never mind, we're leaving." And we walked out.

We had Subway for dinner at home.


Knit & Purl Mama said...

I wish our public library allowed online renewals. I have 3 books due Tuesday.

marcia said...

You're definitely a better woman than I am. If "Wild Kingdom" was happening behind my back, I woudda been outa there before you could say, "EEK!!"
Sam is just too cool for words :)
FWIW, you will ALWAYS be a young person to me! :)
Yeah...whatever happened to "The customer is always right!" anyway?

Spring is in the air today! YES!

Trevor said...

We asked for kitchen stuff for wedding presents, Catherine. Yes, of course there were things we wanted more exciting stuff, but it was a question of what we needed. First house, first kitchen, first time living together.

We did also ask for a few board games, though!

Julia said...

We didn't have a registry. My sister is getting married this summer, and they do have kitchen stuff on their registry. Waaaaay nice kitchen stuff. Their idea being these are the things they would never splurge on themselves, but they will be happy to accept as wedding gifts. I know, it's a little backwards-- they could take the money and then buy what they wanted, but this model seems to work for them, so whatever.

Hobson's Choice said...

And then it's another thing altogether to watch your elderly cat watch a mouse cavort around the kitchen. We knew our cats were getting old when they stopped getting mice, and we had to get traps.

Found your blog through Jelly-filled's comments. I look forward to reading.

Shinny said...

At least your cats try to get the mouse, mine come running to my lap with a look of terror on their faces expecting me to protect them.

You are welcome to come to Wisconsin, we aren't too exciting but there is the zoo, Discovery World and the museum plus me, of course. ;) We do need to have Myles and Marjorie meet to see if we should betroth them. ;)