Monday, February 11, 2008

I'm hiding

The boys are all upstairs.

I can hear Myles screaming. The cute little newborn squeaks have given way to ear-piercing infant screeches.

I can hear Sam's mouth going a mile a minute. When he was two, we worried his speech was delayed. Now he is always talking.

I'm sitting here hoping that Steve's heavy footsteps don't come down the stairs toward me.

I just need a second to catch my breath.

Just a moment of quiet. Oh, ok...semi-quiet...there is really never true quiet with a five year old and a 12-week old in the house.

I'm not complaining. I know I don't have any right to complain.

I just need a moment.

Sam is here...gotta go...


kate said...

Try 5:33's quiet here now, after a night of one screaming and/or sick kid after another. And some screaming tantrums by the parents, too. No, i am not complaining either but it IS hard too & we all have a need to just SAY that without guilt.

At least the pipes are unfrozen this morning, though i was lighting the pilot on the hot water heater at 4 am!

Marcia said...

When our kids were 3,5, and 8, we moved into an old 1920's era big square two-story house, with only one bathroom tacked on off the kitchen on the main floor. My skillful husband converted a large closet upstairs into a cozy little carpeted half-bath. I remember more than one occasion when I retreated into that little bathroom for no physical reason other than a pressing need for just a few minutes of peace and quiet!! There probably isn't a Mom in the world who can't relate! :)

Julia said...

I only have one living kid, and she is usually very good about entertaining herself. But there are times when I need to hide too.

Sarah said...

Can I hide with you?

Kendra's mom said...

You can complain you know. No matter how grateful and thankful you are that things have finally worked out for you, you still have a right to complain when the going gets tough.