Saturday, February 09, 2008

I feel so grown up!

I'm getting a dining room table! It seats TEN!

So you say you want to see it? Why, of course. What kind of blogger do you think I am, anyway? (don't answer that)

THIS dining room table is mine (all MINE...(evil laughter)...

Isn't it beautiful?!?! No more eating on tv trays wherever there is an empty seat!

Speaking of empty seats...seating space is woefully inadequate in our living room. SO...we're getting a sectional sofa too! Our sad little cheap sofa has a broken back. And our recliners aren't really all that comfortable.

So we're getting a small version (only four pieces) of this (the goofy looking woman is not included)...

Of course, we will have to rearrange all the baby paraphernalia (cradle, swing, bouncy seat, etc.) to make room. But I'm so excited we'll have a place to snuggle and chill out.

The renovation is finally feeling like it's finished and now we can furnish and LIVE in all our new space. I LOVE it!

Meals TOGETHER at a TABLE! I'm giddy with the excitement of it all! (In case all the capital letters and exclamation points didn't clue you in.)

I'm sure I will bore you with pictures once it is all delivered and settled in.


Jelly-Filled said...

Awesome! I absolutely LOVE the mission style dining room set.

sarahbobeara said...

fun! new furniture! woohoo! :)

does your sectional come with the chaise lounge part or now? those always look so comfy.

and with all this new furniture, it's almost like you'll be more open to house guests or something. hm. :D

enjoy your maximum seating capacity when it arrives!

miraclebaby said...

oooh, lovely! i have table envy!

Monica said...

How long until you are eating on the new sectional? Just kidding. I love it. When will we be invited over for pot roast? heeheh Ok, you can tell I'm jealous can't you.

Aurelia said...

Ooooo, very nice. I love our dining room set, and the sofa, honestly, you'll love it, I'll bet the baby will like it better to snuggle and nurse in it and than just about anything.

kate said...

i love the table!