Thursday, February 21, 2008

Get well sis

I have no idea if my sister even reads this thing anymore. But I feel compelled to wish her a speedy recovery here just in case she's still lurking about. She fell on the ice and shattered her wrist so badly it will require surgery...plates and screws. Thankfully, it is her right wrist and she is left handed (that is, if mom got the details of the story straight).

It's been hard getting to know my sister as an adult because she is like my dad (and my brother)...strong and independent...doesn't "need" anybody. If it were anybody else, I would feel badly that I can't go for a visit and help out around the house. But I know my sis would rather I stay away and not drive her nuts with my "hovering." So I'm keeping my distance and hoping that some yummy goodies will help her feel a tad bit better. Everybody loves chocolate right? Unless she's on a which case I say there is no better time than now to say, "forget the diet." I mean, how often in your life do you get free chocolate?

Love ya sis! Let me know if you need anything.

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Aurelia said...

Yes, I hope she does better as well. Ouch no fun. I always get a tad bit paranoid when I hear about this stuff since my first thought is "osteoporosis". Probably doesn't apply to her, but well, it still makes my spidey sense tingle.

How do you hold back?

(Oh, and I like the new blog look)