Thursday, February 21, 2008

Coming undone

~Today I came to work wearing earrings in my right ear...none in my left. Nobody mentioned it but I noticed it when I used the telephone. I remember I put them in, was distracted giving Sam his Claritin, and then went merrily on my way completely forgetting the earrings for my left ear.

~I had my first court appearance since Myles was born this morning. I realized, sitting in the courtroom, that I'd forgotten to put breast pads in my bra. Luckily, I was able to distract myself with other things and made it through the proceedings without taking a milk shower inside my blouse.

~While the chicken salad croissant was good at lunch, there was a hair in my side salad. I must remember to bring my lunch to work.

~Girl Scout cookies are in!

~Eau de baby vomit...nice.

~A landfill wants to expand to my back we invested all that money in our home. I don't think they remember that I'm an attorney.

~Last night was a stellar night that highlighted my complete inability to deal with stress and the men who cause it. I think some "mommy alone time" is overdue.


Everyone Has a Story... said...

Love the new layout. Hope your sister is doing OK. HATE IT when I see a hair in my food, hope you got your money back!
I remember the days of the lovely wet circles on the silk blouse....glad you were OK in that department, I'll bet you won't forget the pads again!
Oh, who watched the baby when you went to court? Just curious.
Have been reading for a couple of years now, totally think I "know" you, I realize I don't, but I do know that I love how you seem so happy now, glad to read it!

Thanks for sharing...
Kim (Lurker Friend)

Marcia said...

TGIF!! :)

Stephanie said...

I think mommy alone time is long overdue and hope you get some this weekend.

I share your inability to deal with the stress caused by men. There's no cure. Well, we could kill them but...well...the whole consequences side of that brings in a little more stress...I dunno...maybe it's worth it. ;)

Have a great weekend Kate - stay warm.

Awake said...

I went to court once with two different shoes. One brown. One black. Lovely.

Mommy alone time is a good thing ~ hope you get some!

Julia said...

Mommy alone time is crucial. And never a bad idea. I hope you got some today.

Very nice new look, btw.