Monday, January 07, 2008

Legal Ethics

I took a course in Legal Ethics. I passed an exam called the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam. I passed the Ethics portion of the Ohio State Bar Examination. But I don't recall what you're supposed to do when you suspect a client is lying to you. My inclination is to get really pissed off and say so. But that's not really helpful, is it?


sarahbobeara said...

isn't that what lawyers do in the movies? get pissed off at their clients and say "you better be telling me the truth" and then the story continues.

where's my popcorn? :P

JMB said...

Oy. And here I thought that the questions on the MPRE were all hypothetical. No wringing of said client's neck in the presence of young a paralegal who you can sic on him?

Holley said...

What makes it trickier for you is that your clients are not the individuals really, but the government agencies and boards they represent and serve.

I'd look up ethics opinions from the commission and see if there are any opinions governing you duties to the agency versus the individual.

Are you in a position to call your client on the possible lie in a private meeting?