Friday, November 16, 2007

Working at home

My, but Market Day Florentine Stuffed Chicken is yummy...for breakfast.

Does the cat always cruise the countertops when we're not home?

Decent coffee...that is not Hazelnut...can make a day better...even if you have to do the dishes first to get a clean mug and spoon. Which makes me wonder...WHY does she always choose Hazelnut? The flavor I like the least? Maybe she's sending me a message? She hates me, doesn't she?

This desk chair is just as uncomfortable as the one at my office.

I successfully dodged the inevitable five-year-old questions about saving my urine this morning. I wonder if I'll be able to avoid that conversation for the entire 24 hours? (the answer is no...I could not)

I'm supposed to be working. I want to be sewing. But my head hurts and I'm not doing either. Yes...NOW I have a headache...which makes me worry...which makes my headache worse...which makes me get the picture.

The headache necessitated my calling my husband home early from his boys' night out (for which I am truly sorry) which time he started acting all drill sergeant-ish and ordered me to call L&D. I did. The very nice doctor told me to not be so stupid and to take some Tylenol because my BP numbers hadn't been so high on Wednesday that this kind of headache should result (ok...I inferred the stupid bit given my history of sinus headaches when there is a change in barometric pressure...which there was last night...I'm an idiot). So I took the Tylenol and locked myself in a dark and quiet room for an hour...after which I felt almost human. AND, since I always give the bad stories, I have to say that I was highly impressed when the doctor called me back to check on me. Seriously, how cool is that? Anyway...Myles is still moving around in there (and was during this whole episode...which made me want to throw up even more), so it seems like things are ok. Of course, the whole scenario took it's toll on my already fragile emotional it's taking some time today to find an even keel again.

I have listed my work at the office and am ready to hand it off whenever the doc says it's time. *gulp*


Marcia said...

Sure is good to hear from you! :)
So glad Myles continues to make you miserable with his touring around in there. You are just sooooo ready to hold him on the outside! Soon, Catherine...soon! :)

Sherry said...

Not much longer! And, I hope the headaches ease up. Take care! = )

Kathy McC said...

Market Day rocks. The tortilla crusted cheese stuffed chicken breasts are good too.

Wow...not much longer!

kate said...

i'm getting worried about these headaches, girl...let us know about the test results...

Kendra's mom said...

Sending you BIG HUGS and good wishes. Hope the weekend went well.

pipsylou said...